Pictures with captions.

Have you had a time when you are getting great marks and then suddenly you get something like a C and you think that it is horrible. I have realized in life that you should never set an expectation for yourself because you can be easily disappointed. If you wanted to set an expectation or goal set it really low because then you probably wont be disappointed. 
Anyway I would love to share some of my favourite photo’s with you because I have realized  that I haven’t shared much yet.
I love pictures with funny captions on them.
 Sorry to all the Justin Beiber fans out there but I just can’t stand him!
 I totally agree with this picture.
walking fish     
This picture totally confuses me in a way that you cannot describe. How did they get the fish tied up???
can't today
That’s one way to get out of doing something.
When I read this I couldn’t stop laughing.
This would have to be my all time favourite picture. It really puts things into perspective.
I think that everyone out there where ever you are should listen to this. We should totally all use this as an excuse so that we can taste that chocolaty soothing center. 
I hope that you liked my blog post. Insert Name Here signing off.

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