Hi world. As you may already know from my earlier post “Hello World” there is a girl I have named Mystery and she doesn’t like me but she is in my friend group. I know realize that Mystery has this habit of acting really sad so that she gets attention.

Today was her birthday and I figured that she would get heaps of attention. But she didn’t because we all had this huge science test and no one payed her any attention. I kind of felt sorry for her so I wished her a happy birthday. She ignored me but I was thinking about how sad it must be for her to not get attention on your birthday.

All my sadness disappeared when she suddenly started talking about her birthday party and since no one listened to that either she suddenly started being all depressed and not saying anything. Our friends finally realized something was up so they asked her what was wrong.

The moment she had their attention she walked off crossly. Every one of my friends felt really bad then except me because  I was the only one who knew that she had deliberately done this. Then they all ran after her and said that they were sorry for not wishing her happy birthday.

I couldn’t believe it. She had got all that attention but she didn’t stop there. She just pouted angrily and said you should all be sorry and I will never forgive you. So for the rest of the day everyone tried to make her happy. I can’t believe my friends are so stupid.

Have you ever felt like this? Like your friends are just doing things for attention? Have your friends actually turned out to hate you but just hang out with you to be popular? If any of these things have happened to you please respond in the comments below?

Insert name here going offline.


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