Hello. This is my first blog and I wanted to try out blogging and see if it’s for me. My friends say it is really fun so I wanted to give it a go. Have you ever thought that you have been having a great time and everything is going perfectly and then someone deliberately ruins it. It’s like when you meet a new friend and you are having so much fun but then you old friends don’t like your new friend. That’s sort of what has happened to me except that I am the new friend. I am sort of new to my school and I have met heaps of new friends and now hang out in a completely new friend group. But there is this one girl who hates me. I am going to call her Mystery. Mystery completely ignores me when we are alone but she acts normally when we are with friends. I have tried to get along with her by saying stuff like ” I like your new haircut” but she just responds with “I know”. Her birthday party was this week and she didn’t invite me but she invited all of my other friends. And also she kept talking about it and saying everyone who was invited. Apparently she invited something like 15 people and she didn’t invite me. Every time I am around she brings it up and I just sit there feeling really bad. If you have any idea’s on what I should do please put them in the comments below. Wait are there any comments? Oh well.

” insert name here ” signing off.


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