I am soooo glad that it is holidays next week. I have been falling asleep in the middle of English because I am so over school. School has actually permanently damaged my body. On the weekend I can’t fall back to sleep once I have woken up and I can’t sleep in after 8:00 in the morning which is really sad. This means that I am always really tired. Anyway here are some funny pictures of little kids that I thought you should see.












These pictures put a smile on my face whenever and wherever I see them. I hope they do the same to you. Insert Name Here, signing off.

Life in General

Hello again. Thank you so much if you followed me on my last post “exams are over”. There was this one blogger that I want to give a huge shout out to. Her name is Classy Fun Chic and I would definitely recommend her to you. Just read a few of her blogs and you will see how amazing she is. Anyway today’s blog is about life in general. Have you ever thought that after you die no one is going to remember you and that only famous people get remembered. Well I have finally figured out what I want to do in life. I want to be famous and I want to be remembered. I know this sounds really selfish but if you think about it there are a million ways that someone could become famous. And it’s not really selfish because you just want the right to be remembered. And not just in a family album I want to do something more than to sit in an office all day. No offense to anyone who does this but I just don’t really think it is for me. Any way I have discovered something that I want everyone who see’s it to comment on.

What colour is this dress? image10I know everyone says that it is either black, white, gold or blue but I see light purple. Are my eyes wrong or does someone else see it too. Please comment or press the follow button.Thanks.

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Exams are over.

Finally all my exams are over for the semester and I can’t wait for the holidays. I am going to Sydney. I can’t wait. What are you doing this holiday? Anyway I wanted to share these photo’s with you because I thought they were so beautiful.


download (4)

download (2)

download (3)



Now for some funny ones.






hot kitty

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Pictures with captions.

Have you had a time when you are getting great marks and then suddenly you get something like a C and you think that it is horrible. I have realized in life that you should never set an expectation for yourself because you can be easily disappointed. If you wanted to set an expectation or goal set it really low because then you probably wont be disappointed. 
Anyway I would love to share some of my favourite photo’s with you because I have realized  that I haven’t shared much yet.
I love pictures with funny captions on them.
 Sorry to all the Justin Beiber fans out there but I just can’t stand him!
 I totally agree with this picture.
walking fish     
This picture totally confuses me in a way that you cannot describe. How did they get the fish tied up???
can't today
That’s one way to get out of doing something.
When I read this I couldn’t stop laughing.
This would have to be my all time favourite picture. It really puts things into perspective.
I think that everyone out there where ever you are should listen to this. We should totally all use this as an excuse so that we can taste that chocolaty soothing center. 
I hope that you liked my blog post. Insert Name Here signing off.


Hi world. As you may already know from my earlier post “Hello World” there is a girl I have named Mystery and she doesn’t like me but she is in my friend group. I know realize that Mystery has this habit of acting really sad so that she gets attention.

Today was her birthday and I figured that she would get heaps of attention. But she didn’t because we all had this huge science test and no one payed her any attention. I kind of felt sorry for her so I wished her a happy birthday. She ignored me but I was thinking about how sad it must be for her to not get attention on your birthday.

All my sadness disappeared when she suddenly started talking about her birthday party and since no one listened to that either she suddenly started being all depressed and not saying anything. Our friends finally realized something was up so they asked her what was wrong.

The moment she had their attention she walked off crossly. Every one of my friends felt really bad then except me because  I was the only one who knew that she had deliberately done this. Then they all ran after her and said that they were sorry for not wishing her happy birthday.

I couldn’t believe it. She had got all that attention but she didn’t stop there. She just pouted angrily and said you should all be sorry and I will never forgive you. So for the rest of the day everyone tried to make her happy. I can’t believe my friends are so stupid.

Have you ever felt like this? Like your friends are just doing things for attention? Have your friends actually turned out to hate you but just hang out with you to be popular? If any of these things have happened to you please respond in the comments below?

Insert name here going offline.


Hello. This is my first blog and I wanted to try out blogging and see if it’s for me. My friends say it is really fun so I wanted to give it a go. Have you ever thought that you have been having a great time and everything is going perfectly and then someone deliberately ruins it. It’s like when you meet a new friend and you are having so much fun but then you old friends don’t like your new friend. That’s sort of what has happened to me except that I am the new friend. I am sort of new to my school and I have met heaps of new friends and now hang out in a completely new friend group. But there is this one girl who hates me. I am going to call her Mystery. Mystery completely ignores me when we are alone but she acts normally when we are with friends. I have tried to get along with her by saying stuff like ” I like your new haircut” but she just responds with “I know”. Her birthday party was this week and she didn’t invite me but she invited all of my other friends. And also she kept talking about it and saying everyone who was invited. Apparently she invited something like 15 people and she didn’t invite me. Every time I am around she brings it up and I just sit there feeling really bad. If you have any idea’s on what I should do please put them in the comments below. Wait are there any comments? Oh well.

” insert name here ” signing off.